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09/16/2017 Video to DVD

I am looking for a service that can (I) duplicate DVD videos and (ii) transfer digital video tapes to DVD. Do you offer this service and, if so, what are your prices for these services ? Thank you Ken Kaplan

- Ken Kaplan from Alpharetta

06/03/2017 Video Production

Wow! I am so happy that I found "Home Video Studio". Jack did a fantastic job on a video of my son and daughter-in-law's photos from baby to present. We viewed this video during the wedding rehearsal dinner. It was great. Jack was so detailed and did a great job in such a small amount of time. Thank you very much. RoseAnn & David

- RoseAnn from Marietta

01/30/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Just wanted to say Thank you again for everything! My mother was thrilled to see the old 8mm home movies (not seen in over 50 years) that you transferred to digital form and then included the slide show you created to celebrate her 90th birthday! I am so thankful that you guys were able to work with my condensed time frame to get everything accomplished! I am still going through the 80 reels of home movies and find new treasures with each viewing! Jack was great to work with and there were no surprises! Hands down-a great experience and have already given referrals to others looking for help with hteir family's memories! Thank you!

- David W from Atlanta

01/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

For Christmas this year I thought I would take the old reels that had been in my parents closet and convert them to digital. The reels had been sitting in a box in the closet for many years. I looked around the internet and found this local company. I could not be more pleased with the work Jack did to bring these 50 year old movies to life again. They looked great, better than I expected. The color was great. My parents could not believe it after I loaded them on their iPads. He took the small reels, cleaned them, and strung them together on some larger reels if I ever need them again. We have one more box of reels that we are trying to locate and I will most certainly bring them to Jack for conversion. I could not be happier.

- Chris W from Alpharetta

12/08/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Had a series of old 8mm movies transferred to Quictime files. Jack did a stellar job of saving our old celluloid memories. Excellent post production to bring out the faded images as well.

- Chris Dixon from Athens, GA

12/05/2016 Video Services

Home Video Studio made a 60th Wedding Anniversary Video for our parents. It was a hit at their party! Everyone raved about how well the photos were in sync with the music. It was beautiful. Thanks so much!

- Leisa Taylor from Suwanee, Ga

09/21/2015 Video Services

I recently had the memory cards from my whitewater Grand Canyon trip transferred to DVD. Could not be more pleased . Jack and editor Finn Bates did a INCREDIBLE job putting my memories on DVD !! Don't trust your "once in a lifetime" moments to just anyone. Thank you Home Video Studio, Steve T

- Steve T from atlanta

01/24/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had a pile of old, dusty looking Super 8 reels, and after researching in the internet and saying "no, no, no" to sending my precious footage off in the mail, I found this website and decided to call Jack. I was sure that some of it would be un-recoverable, knowing that it dated back into the 1950's, and was just stored in an open cardboard box in an attic. (Not good, right!) I fully expected to be told that a machine just does it, and what you get is what you get. But Jack explained to me in detail how they go about it, by first carefully cleaning the film, then checking it all for color problems, etc., and correcting them. So, upon completion, I was shocked when he told me that they recovered/repaired every single bit of it! I couldn't have been MORE pleased, thank you again!

- Mark Vega from Sandy Springs GA

01/16/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I found my husband's home movies on old film and on a VHS tape. Jack was able to transfer it and make copies that so delighted our family. My 86 year old mother--in-law watched her children as tiny beautiful babies. She was overjoyed and even spoke to a dog on the film. Jack's care and expertise made this a joy!!!

- Julie White from Duluth

12/09/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for the professional & friendly service! it was great to work with you.

- Steve from Commerce

03/18/2014 Home Movie Transfer

My wife and I are extremely happy with the two DVDs you produced from the complete mess that was the super 8 family movie film that had been abused since the 1950’s. My wife’s family will be amazed when they get their copies and see their family members brought to life in front of them on their television screens. I didn’t think that quality of reproduction would be possible. The colors are fantastic and the picture quality is more than we could have hoped for. As I’m sure you know, these home movies were not stored in pristine conditions and the kids have abused them over the years as they ran them over the heat lamp of the old Bell and Howell movie projector forward and backward. Your process of cleaning the film and then capturing each image digitally saved a precious memory for her family forever. Now, she and her siblings have three and a half hours of Christmas’, anniversaries, first communions, etc. of themselves their great-grand parents, grandparents, their parents and extended family. I truly wish we had the same kind of material so that I could do this for myself and my brothers. Thank you for your work in putting this together for us. I know we’ll be back to preserve the VHS tapes of our family for our children. We really appreciate how you took the time to talk to us about the process and to get to know what we wanted to get out of this project. It truly was a pleasure working with you and your company. Sincerely,

- Mark Sullivan from Senoia, Ga

03/18/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I put approximately 2800 feet of 8mm film in trust with Jack Bara. Some of the film dated back to 1971.The sound and video quality was outstanding.I was brought to tears of joy as I viewed my family growing up. I am thankful that I finally got around to converting the film to dvd and that Mr. Bara did converted it for me. It was definitely worth the cost.I have no problem recommending Mr. Bara. Kelly from Canton.

- Kelly Thompson from Canton, Ga

03/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

After my grandmother passed away from her battle with cancer, my grandfather came across their old reels. He loaned them to me to try to get them transferred. At first I was proud to do it but after some quick research I became a little frightened that I might send them off to someone who might ruin them. I found Jack and saw his work and knew he was the man for the job! He did an amazing job restoring the color and I was able to present the DVD to my grandfather on his birthday. My whole family treasures that DVD and watch it together often. We will be using Jack for all our home movies from now on!

- Sommer from ALPHARETTA

03/12/2014 Home Movie Transfer

WOW!!! Great job Jack. I had 4 8mm home movies that Jack transferred to DVD for me and I couldn't be happier. The quality, clarity of these old 1963 movies are better than expected. Jack was very thorough in explaining the process and VERY knowledgeable of all things digital. I highly recommend Jack's Services. I can't explain the JOY of seeing family members that have passed on and the gift it is to share with my family. Thanks a million!

- Ale Kushner from Dawsonville

10/21/2013 Video to DVD

Dear Jack. My husband and I can not thankyou enough for the beautiful video show you put together for our 50th wedding anniversary. The production was breathtaking and there are at least 20 requests for a copy. It truly made the party. Your creativity was amazing and seamless. It was as if you actually knew all of our family members personally. The warmth and depth captured was perfect. You are a very talanted man and we will never forget how special each and every person felt watching it. What a special gift. Feel free to use our video as an example of your work and any requests you get for referals. Thank you again, Barbara and Frank Mahoney

- Barbara Mahoney from Boston

10/16/2013 Video Services

Dear Jack, THANKYOU! You put together 50 years of pictures on a 30 minute tape that was supurb! There was not one person at my parents 50th that was not laughing and crying! Everyone was glued to the screen and overwhelmed. Please add my name and my parents for any testimonials. You truly made their 50th and I am grateful. Thankyou to Charlie as well. It really was a work of art. Thankyou, Eileen

- Eileen Raad from Johns Creek

07/06/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I did a lot of research beforing selecting Jack and Home Video Studio to transfer all of our Mini DV tapes to DVD. We had close to 50 tapes and I wanted to make sure this was done right. These are one of our most precious possessions. I am delighted to say that Jack exceeded our expectations. The DVDs he produced are high quality and neatly organized in albums. So easy to navigate the menu options. We are watching one of the movies as I write this now. If you have old movies I cannot recommend Jack highly enough. He will make sure your memories are preserved for a lifetime. And he'll make sure the process is smooth and organized along the way. Try them out. You will not be disappointed!

- Brett from Buford

07/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased to have done business with Jack Bara of Home Video Studio (north Atlanta) and with his professional conversion of our film to digital. This was a very pleasant end to a long process of converting my father-in-law's 70 year collection of family films, totaling more than 8,000 feet. Since my profession involved simulation, digital video compression, editing, and similar tasks, I started the process myself in 2001 using a high end sony digital camera and experimented by shooting the projected film under various conditions. After the first 7" reel (400 ft of film), I ran into serious problems with the family projector and later a reconditioned one that I purchased off EBay. Without going into specific problems, other than to say that the film was starting to be damaged, I decided that I had to find a reputable professional, who could handle the film safely (including shipping or pick-up), and do a quality transfer job. I visited a couple of Atlanta area film transfer studios and tried the same 50' test tape with each of them. Since these were my in-laws films, I was very uncomfortable handing off the film without seeing the operation. The bottom line is that the conversion process used by Home Video Studio was far superior to the equipment used by the other shops I tried. The film was cleaned of dust and fuzz, frames were captured full frame (instead of cropping to the middle portion), contrast was adjusted for under/over exposed film, and colors were properly adjusted. The earlier examples from my own attempts and other professional film conversion shops were simply no comparison to the high quality digital files and DVD's that were produced. The other shops were a bit less expensive (at most 4 cents per foot), but their products were really disappointing once I compared frame by frame. Since I was not able to project the film any longer, I wouldn't have realized the quality difference had I settled with one of the first shops. Finally, Jack was a pleasure to deal with. He is easy to reach, made reasonable estimates of the time to completion, kept me informed of the progress, and delivered a high quality conversion. I also met and talked with several other customers (from Emory and Georgia Tech) who were also very enthusiastic with both the conversion and service.

- Bob Sharpley from Chapin, SC

03/16/2012 Photo Videos

Jack did a photo/video montage set to music for my sons first year of life- as a Christmas present for my husband. It turned out wonderfully and Im so happy I had him do it. Jack did a phenomenal job of capturing every photo and the multiple video clips that I wanted certain pieces of. With his professional editing style, he did a great job of blending it all together and fading the music in and out for the clips I wanted to hear our voices in. Now we will have those memories captured in DVD format to show our loved ones for years to come. It moves us to tears every time we watch it! I cant wait to show it to my son when hes old enough and he will be able to show it to his kids as well! I will definitely be using Home Video Studio for all my future photo/video montage needs. Jack listened to my long list of requests and absolutely nailed it. The way he captured the memories of the most exciting year of our lives to date was well worth every penny!

- Ashleigh from Roswell

Home Video Studio

DVDs have been the state-of-the-art for more than ten years in the video and home movie transfer industry. In fact, Home Video Studio still transfers video to DVDs for our customers who request that service.

But there's a new kid in town - The DVA - the Home Video Studio - Video in the Cloud. DVA is the latest technology and it is fast becoming the media of choice. These days we most often transfer everyone's old VHS, BetaMAX, 8mm and Mini DV tapes to DVAs rather than DVDs.

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